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Gerardeen Madridejos Santiago

Editor and publisher of the Magee Park Poets Anthology, Gerardeen started writing poetry in August 2015, after reading Pascal Mercier's novel Night Train to Lisbon . She published her first collection of poems, Shouldering Infinity , in May 2016.

Gerardeen holds a Ph.D. in experimental psychology (neuroscience) and has a background in educational publishing and medical education.

Shouldering Infinity: Poems

A debut collection of 27 poems.

Sample poem:  (____________)

I am the area between the asymptote and the axis,
       where zero shoulders infinity.

I am the anticipation before each inhalation,
        the reluctance before each exhalation;
But even before these, I am the need auguring the desire.

I am the void before the Bang,
         the vacant valence shell,
         the sucking vacuum towing a looming tsunami –
                  I am the blank mind:

I am Nothing,
         the genesis of possibilities…

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