Aionios Books, LLC, is a boutique publishing house in Carlsbad, California. We publish young-adult, fantasy, and science fiction novels, producing only one or two books each year so that we can focus our efforts to help each author achieve their full potential.

Gerardeen M. Santiago, Ph.D. — Publisher

Gerri brings over twenty-five years of experience from The McGraw-Hill Companies, Worth Publishers (Macmillan Learning), Scholastic Inc., and medical education and communication. She is honored to have been part of the McGraw-Hill team to win CODiE awards for educational web-based books and e-learning.


Gerri earned her doctorate from Columbia University in New York City. She is an avid orchidist and a licensed pilot and has penned a book of poems, Shouldering Infinity, the first book published by Aionios Books.

Daniel Primbs — Associate Publisher

Formerly an economist and teacher, Dan decided to take his love of books into publishing, focusing on manuscript assessment and designing aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly e-books.

Rianna Last — Senior Editor

Rianna is a recent graduate from SDSU with a B.A. in English and a B.A. in French. She has been obsessed with books since she could talk, and over the years, language and its many forms have become her passion. Well-traveled, Rianna enjoys encountering cultures different from her own and believes that travel fosters compassion and creativity, and allows for the sharing of experiences. A strong believer in the power of stories, Rianna dreams of working in the publishing industry to help spread impactful stories to the world. 

INTERNSHIPS — In Partnership with San Diego State University

Aionios Books, LLC, thanks the graduates of the Poetry International publishing internship program at SDSU. ​Our work would not be possible without the creative efforts of these talented and dedicated individuals. A grateful shout-out from to:

Jennifer Minniti-Shippey — Professor & Internship Coordinator

Jennifer is the Managing Editor of Poetry International literary journal, Director of Poetic Youth programs, and a professor at San Diego State University. She is the author of Done Dating DJs, winner of the 2009 Fool for Poetry Chapbook Competition, presented by the Munster Literature Centre; Earth’s Horses & Boys, from Finishing Line Press; and After the Tour, from Calypso Editions. Her writing has appeared in Salamander, Spillway, Cider Press Review, Tar River Poetry, and others.

Audrina Nguyen — Editor

Audrina is a Vietnamese-American aspiring writer. She likes to write anything out the ordinary and is ready to read anyone’s wild imagination. Her hobbies are drawing, editing videos, and watching anime. She also loves to watch YouTube videos about cooking, video games, and political comedy such as Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, and Seth Meyers. She is currently an undergraduate at San Diego State University finishing her English major.

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