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Jon Wesick


Jon Wesick’s face appears in photographs from physics labs, martial arts dojos, Zen centers, and cities all over the world. He earned his Ph.D. at the University of Maryland and has worked on cyclotron experiments, communications, medical physics, and systems engineering. He’s studied aiki ju jutsu, aikido, karate, judo, and a little kendo. Martial arts and a fascination with the mind led him to meditation. He lived in Vancouver, Canada for three years during his postdoc and has traveled to five continents so far.


As well as being a regional editor of the San Diego Poetry Annual, he’s published hundreds of poems and stories in journals such as the Atlanta Review, Berkeley Fiction Review, Metal Scratches, Pearl, Slipstream, Space and Time, Tales of the Talisman, and Zahir. The editors of Knot Magazine nominated his story “The Visitor” for a Pushcart Prize. His poem “Meditation Instruction” won the Editor’s Choice Award in the 2016 Spirit First Contest. Another poem, “Bread and Circuses,” won second place in the 2007 African American Writers and Artists Contest. “Richard Feynman’s Commute” shared third place in the 2017 Rhysling Award’s short poem category. 


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Jon Wesick, author, Aionios Books


The Enigma Brokers (A John Clooney Thriller #1)

ISBN-13: 978-1-949428-07-0 (Kindle Edition)

International banking, diplomatic cables … nuclear launch codes … all rely on unbreakable encryption. What if these codes were no longer secure?

That nightmare scenario seems to be reality. A shadowy underworld syndicate is auctioning off access to the world’s encrypted secrets. The only plausible explanation for this ability? Someone has achieved the holy grail of code-breaking: quantum computing.

Veteran CIA agent John Clooney has been tasked with tracking down the perpetrators and retrieving this technology for the United States government. And it is personal, as the enigma brokers have already cost the lives of his fellow agents, perhaps including his partner.

The Enigma Brokers is the first thriller in a new action-packed series by Jon Wesick.



The Shadow Killers (A John Clooney Thriller #2)

ISBN-13: 978-1-949428-08-7 (Kindle Edition)

The world’s deadliest assassins are … already dead?

A shadowy group of killers for hire is eliminating world leaders, crime lords, and CIA agents. When captured, these assassins commit suicide rather than reveal their secrets. Inexplicably, the deceased contract killers have both the DNA and fingerprints of people who are long dead.

CIA agent John Clooney devises a dangerous plan to capture a shadow killer alive: contract a hit on himself!

prague deception Kindle cover.jpg
The Prague Deception (A John Clooney Thriller #3)

ISBN-13: 978-1-949428-08-7 (Kindle Edition)

Has John Clooney’s friend and ally become a dangerous enemy?

Private investigator Anton Gruber has been CIA agent John Clooney’s trusted aid. Clooney may have questioned Gruber’s taste in cuisine, but never his loyalty – until Gruber double-crossed him.

Escaping with his life, Clooney is sidelined while his superior attempts to discover how Gruber was compromised. The investigation delves into Gruber’s astonishing past: from his unpleasant days as an East German border guard to life as a narcotics agent, from his time in the tango clubs of Buenos Aires to a trip up the Amazon in search of Nazi gold.

When Clooney hunts a dangerous terrorist cell, he will cross paths with Gruber again. Then he must overcome his thirst for revenge and work with his former friend and colleague to rescue a kidnapped ambassador. But can Clooney trust him?

The Prague Deception is the third thriller in the new action-packed series by Jon Wesick.





The Disillusionment of Hal LK2154

ISBN-13: 978-0-9980844-3-5 (Paperback)

​Does the eradication of genetic diversity cleanse a society of crime and political corruption?


Following the devastating Race Wars, the ruling order concluded that only eliminating differences would prevent further bloodshed. After witnessing a brutal murder, clone Hal LK2154 joins a shadowy organization to apprehend the mutants supposedly responsible for such crimes. With increasing knowledge of the group’s police-state tactics, Hal learns the roots of human violence grow deeper than the public suspects.

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